Health Coverage for Small Businesses and Freelancers

Our healthcare subscriptions with unlimited GP consultations and life insurance provide health coverage for self-employed workers and small businesses in Philippines.

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Round The Clock 

Unlimited GP consultations

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Accessible from

Any Location

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All-in-One Platform

Consult our doctors over

video-call anywhere

Select your DA Care Health Plan

Annual healthcare plans that offer video consultations with licensed doctors,

so you can check in whenever you need. Choose a plan that best suits you.

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See a Doctor online

Get unlimited GP consultations -

you just need to dial in.

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Accessible from

Any Location

Consult our doctors over video-call anywhere in the Philippines.

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All-in-One Platform

All your medical data

stored securely on our app.

Get Primary Care Cover in 3 Easy Steps


Affordable and convenient without compromising quality of care

#1: Download App

Download Doctor Anywhere app on your mobile phone 

#2: Sign up 

Register with your details in minutes - it's free to sign up 

Step 3: Video-call

Select 'Video Consultation' and purchase medication directly in-app

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the specialist specialties available?

What happens if I have been advised for hospitalisation?

Where can I find the list of DACare's accredited doctors?

How does the referral programme work?