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The 5th Year Anniversary Of Doctor Anywhere, And Its Impact On Philippine Healthcare

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Over the past five years, Doctor Anywhere has delivered better, more affordable healthcare in six Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines. By ensuring that Filipinos can get the healthcare services that they need, Doctor Anywhere has been continuously improving its platform, coverage, and services.

Doctor Anywhere (DA) marked its 5th anniversary this year with a strong foundation for being the early trailblazers in the regional telehealth landscape. Being one of the fastest-growing healthcare providers in Southeast Asia, DA has constantly provided timely and reliable medical support to the local communities while also enhancing its platform–the DA mobile app. Through the DA mobile app, users can manage their health, and consult a licensed local doctor anytime, anywhere. E-medical documents, including prescriptions, referrals and medical certificates are stored securely in-app for easy access.

From just having a small workforce last 2017 when it first launched its telehealth services in Singapore, DA has expanded its company in 5 Southeast Asian countries - Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Today, DA has over 2.5 million users, 3,000+ medical providers, 1,000+ key corporate accounts and more than 600 team members. “One of the greatest gifts to Doctor Anywhere team is our adaptability to constant changes in our industry across different SEA countries. We started off with a simple idea to connect GP doctors to patients in Singapore, and have now been able to operate various business models with our main tech stack catering to various healthcare cultures in SEA,” stated Lim Wai Mun, CEO and Founder of Doctor Anywhere.

How does DA enable online video consultation in the Philippines?

Doctor Anywhere (DA) Philippines also celebrates its first year anniversary of providing on-demand healthcare to over 2.2 million Filipinos. Since its launch in 2021, DA Philippines has been working with the top health and maintenance organizations (HMO) and insurance companies. Additionally, General Practitioners (GPs) are available 24/7 for online video consultations through the DA app – making it convenient for Filipinos to speak to a doctor anytime, anywhere.

DA Philippines also offers affordable healthcare plans for self-employed, freelancers, consultants and SMEs. For as low as ₱83 per month, Filipinos are empowered to get the healthcare they need. The DA Health Plan is an annual prepaid plan that includes unlimited online video consultations with locally licensed doctors including General Practitioners (GP) and Specialists like ENT Specialists, Pediatricians, Cardiologists, Orthopedists, Dermatologists, Pulmonologists, Endocrinologists, Ophthalmologists, Gastroenterologists, and OB-GYNs. DA Philippines also supports mental health counseling with trained psychologists.

DA Health Plan members will also have the chance to earn incentives via referral. Members can receive a ₱500 incentive if they recommend someone to purchase DA Ultra or get ₱300 if they purchase DA Boost. On top of that, they may also receive an additional ₱5,000 for every 10 referrals made in a calendar month, whether they purchased DA Ultra or DA Boost.

All DA users will also enjoy exclusive discounts and privileges from DA partner merchants from your favorite health and fitness brands including Ideal Vision Center, Gold’s Gym, and Mayani.

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