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Request & Validate
E-Medical Certifications

Doctor Anywhere provides a convenient way for patients to request a medical certificate, and for employers to ensure its accuracy and simplify the verification process.


Request a
Medical Certificate

Book an online appointment to request a medical certificate during your consultation. If our doctor determines that you should take sick leave or are unfit for duty after a video consultation, an e-medical certificate will be issued and provided in-app. This is usually free of charge or part of the consultation fee.

See a doctor in 3 easy steps:


Download the
Doctor Anywhere app


Create an account


Consult a doctor

Verify a DA Medical Certificate

Employers can easily validate employees' medical certifications to guarantee compliance and accuracy.

Employers can also email our customer service team at to validate the medical certificate. Please make sure to attach the medical certificate and consent letter to your email.

Frequently Asked Questions

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