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Keep a Pulse on the Healthcare Industry

Gain access to the healthcare industry’s newest research, trending articles, and key business insights. This space is for healthcare providers to broaden their expertise and aid in their learning and knowledge growth.

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Our healthcare providers' testimonials

Dr. Christina Abalos


Telemedicine has taught me to innovate and look for other means to compensate with actual physical examination in order to diagnose illnesses, like asking patients more detailed questions and showing them some illustrations online. It undoubtedly provides extra income in the comfort of your own home.

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Dr. Carmi Bonifacio


You can have your virtual clinic anytime and anywhere you want, on top of your usual
face-to-face clinic. The app is user-friendly both for the doctor and patient, and it stores medical records securely so you can have accessto it as needed.

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Dr. Richmond Aguilar

General Practitioner

The DA team guided me since I started with their platform. They were able to address my concerns very well and they respond right away. They're also very friendly and comfortable to talk to!

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Be a DA doctor

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