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I just want to say thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Dahil po sa Doctor Anywhere app, nakapag consult ako sa 2 magagaling na Gastroenterologists and naging way para makita na may gallstones ako. Kakalabas ko lang po sa hospital today and my operation was successful.

Jerson Nachamag
DA member

Teleconsult is very convenient for us busy employees. I highly recommend teleconsultation for the convenience and safety of the patient.

DA member

Actually, I didn't wait for a long time and that is the greatest thing I've ever experienced!

DA member

The consultation was very informative and the doctor was very helpful. The waiting time for consultation was also fast.

DA member

Using the Doctor Anywhere app is so easy, unlike the other teleconsultation I have experienced before. No more waiting in line for more than an hour. Thank you for this app.

DA member

The waiting time is really quick. I highly recommend this online consultation.

DA member

More easier to get checked than going to a hospital or clinic, which is much more risky.

Mark Santos
DA member

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