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Connect with patients anytime, anywhere

Join Southeast Asia’s largest Telehealth organization

We're looking for talented and passionate doctors to join our team.  If you're dedicated to providing the best possible care to patients, we'd like to hear from you.


As the largest omni-channel healthcare provider in Southeast Asia, our national network of providers in the Philippines helps to ensure that we deliver quality primary care and specialist expertise across the country.

If you are a licensed healthcare professional (e.g. General Practitioner, Specialist, Psychologist), complete the form below for more information on joining the Doctor Anywhere network.


Consult Patients

from Anywhere

Provide quality video consultation through Doctor Anywhere’s secure, reliable platform


Zero Sign up and
Subscription Fee

Receive a fixed payout for every completed consultation


24/7 Support

Our expert team is available to help you with any technical issues


Cities in 6 countries 


Registered Users

Join over 3,000 licensed doctors
and health care professionals in the Doctor Anywhere network


Apply to be a part of our Telehealth team

Our doctors' testimonials

Dr. Catherine Onghanseng


This is the most-doctor oriented platform I’ve experienced. This is the only platform with a dedicated team to support doctors. This personalizes the platform for the doctor, making the environment feel like you are working with DA as a team, instead of impersonal email correspondence.

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Dr. Christina Gutierrez

Internal Medicine, General Practitioner

Doctor Anywhere is heaven-sent. DA provided me with a financial add-on to pay for my daily expenses, instead of getting from my regular professional fees or my savings.  It’s a huge blessing for me to be part of DA.  That’s why sacrificing working on weekends for DA even just half a day is not forced. 

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