Frequently Asked Questions


What is Doctor Anywhere?

Doctor Anywhere is your healthcare SuperApp. We harness the power of technology and connectivity to combine a holistic range of health and wellness services into a single, integrated platform.

From appointment booking, video consultations to claims management, Doctor Anywhere is the one-stop place for all your healthcare needs.

Healthcare is now made simpler, seamless and convenient. We give you easy access to and greater control over your personal health so you can better manage busy lifestyles while achieving happier and healthier outcomes.

What services does Doctor Anywhere provide?

Our services include video-consultation of a locally-licensed practicing doctor within minutes anytime, anywhere, with medication delivered to doorsteps; and access to DA Network’s extensive list of healthcare providers, including doctors, specialists, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, dentists, ancillary care, and more.

Who can use Doctor Anywhere?

For our General Practitioner's video consultation service, anyone with non-urgent medical conditions is suitable. However, patients below the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent during the video consultation.

Is Telemedicine regulated in the Philippines?

The Department of Health (DOH) and the University of the Philippines Manila, through the National Telehealth Center, recently issued the Joint Memorandum Circular No. 2020-0001, detailing brief guidelines on setting up telemedicine practice among healthcare providers, which are adhered by Doctor Anywhere Philippines and our services.

While waiting for further local regulations to be established, Doctor Anywhere Philippines applies to stringent telemedicine guidelines by Singapore's Ministry of Health as our best practices, in order to uphold highest levels of clinical standards to ensure safe processes for both local doctors and patients.

Can I use Doctor Anywhere for my child?

Yes. Please create a separate account for your child. If your child is below 16 years old, please also be sure to accompany him/her during the video consultation.

What kind of mobile device or computer do I need to use the Doctor Anywhere app?

Our service is available through our app on Android or iOS enabled mobile phones. Android users would need to have Android 5 or newer versions to install and use our app. IOS users would need to have iOS 9 or newer versions to install and use our app.

Who can I contact if I am unsatisfied with my experience, service or purchase?

We are sorry to hear of your unpleasant experience. If you would like to share the details with us, please contact our Customer Support team at We would like to hear from you and offer you assistance in any way we can.

Is my personal data safe on the platform?

Yes, we take confidentiality very seriously. Our platform employs end-to-end encryption to keep your information secure. Our patients' data and medical records are compliant with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). These records are only accessible to healthcare providers directly involved in the patient's care, and to support internal processes.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes, we have a privacy policy. To find out more, please click on this link:

Video Consultation

How does a General Practitioner video consultation work?

You can consult a doctor on our platform for diagnosis, medical advice and referrals relating to non-common illnesses, if suitable.

Before each video consultation, you would need to fill in a pre-consultation survey which includes questions about your symptoms, health history and payment details. Our platform does not cater to serious conditions which require urgent medical attention at the nearest A&E department of the hospital.

Our doctors are trained to identify urgent cases which are notsuitable for video consultations. Our doctors will review each case within two minutes of each video consultation to assess whether it is suitable to carry out the consultation. If deemed unsuitable, the doctor will recommend you to go for a physical consultation either at his/her clinic or a clinic of your choice, and you will not be charged for the video consultation.

All documents that have been issued by the doctor, such as medical certificates, referral documents as well as receipts, will be available in-app following each consultation.

How can the doctor diagnose me through a video consultation?

An experienced and qualified doctor can still diagnose common non-urgent illnesses faced by the patient during a video consultation. This is usually done by assessing your medical history, symptoms you are currently experiening and assessing your condition during the consultation. If the doctor feels that your condition requires further investigation, he will advise you to go for a physical consultation within two minutes of the video consultation. When this happens, the doctor will end the consultation and you will not be charged.

What are the medical conditions suitable for video consultation with a General Practitioner?

Many common illnesses and chronic conditions can be effectively treated through a video consultation. The following are some of these medical conditions. For conditions that are not in the list, the doctor will assess your medical history, current symptoms and any other available documents to determine if your condition is suitable for a video consultation.

Common Illnesses:
Cough, sore throat or laryngitis
Diarrhoea / Vomiting
Flu / Cold
Rash and skin conditions
Cold sores
Giddiness / Dizziness
Red eye

Chronic Conditions:
Other secondary diseases which may arise from the chronic disease conditions mentioned the above (e.g. Ischemic Disease, Peripheral Artery Disease etc.)

What kind of conditions are NOT suitable for General Practitioner video consultations?

The following symptoms are some of the conditions that are not suitable for online consultations:

Acute or severe chest pain
Actively bleeding or deep wounds or lacerations
Psychosis or delusions
Suicidal thoughts
Persistent vomiting
Severe abdominal pain
Inability to control bowel movements or urination
Severe headache or giddiness
Sudden onset numbness, weakness or slurred speech
Fainting spells, presyncope, or syncope
Injuries with suspected fractures or dislocations presenting asvsevere pain, open wounds, deformity, severe bruising or swelling, loss of sensation and limb weakness
Sudden loss of vision

This list is not exhaustive. We would like to explain that Doctor Anywhere's services only address non-serious healthcare issues and should not be used in the case of a healthcare emergency. In such cases, please go to the Accident & Emergency department of the nearest hospital or call 999 immediately.

What happens if the doctor determines that my condition is unsuitable?

If the doctor determines that your condition is unsuitable, he will inform you accordingly and advise you to seek the appropriate follow-up actions. These actions may include:

Going to a general practitioner for a physical consultation
Going to the Accident & Emergency department of your nearest hospital
Seeing a specialist with a referral letter prepared by the doctor

What do I need to prepare in advance before the start of the video consultation?

We will need to verify your name and identity at the start of the consultation. Please have your identification card or passport number ready for the verification process. No prescription, referral or medical certificate can be issued to anyone who is not using a real identity or assuming a false identity.

The doctor will need to verify your name and identity at the start of the consultation. Please have your identification card or passport ready for verification of your identity.

(Optional) Medical equipment
The following equipment may be useful to have with you during the General Practitioner video consultation:

Thermometer to measure temperature
Pentorch or mobile phone with flashlight function to illuminate and provide better visualisation of the body part during the examination
Blood pressure machine to check blood pressure and heart rate
Glucometer for diabetics to check capillary blood glucose level or hypocount
Weighing scale to check weight
Any other equipment that you feel would be helpful for the consultation

When can I use the video consultation service?

Our video consultation services are 24/7, on an on-demand basis, which means you can request for a video consultation anytime you need it. Furthermore, you have the option of scheduling an appointment for a later time based on your preference.

What should I do if I requested for a video consultation but no doctors are available to attend to me?

If there are no doctors available at your requested time, you can choose to book an appointment instead. Otherwise, please contact our Customer Support team at and we will assist you with appointment booking.

What happens if I lose internet connection during my video consultation?

If you lose internet connection during your video consultation, please contact our Customer Support team at We will assist you once we hear from you.

What should I do if I miss my video consultation appointment?

If you miss your appointment, please contact us at Our Customer Support team will be happy to assist you.

How do I cancel a scheduled appointment?

Once you have booked an appointment, you will not be able to cancel it. However, you can reschedule it to another available time slot. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please contact our Customer Support team at

How do I purchase my medication after the consultation?

After the consultation, you will receive a notification when your medications are ready for purchase. Click on this notification to enter the app and review your prescribed medication list. Please make sure that notifications from our App are enabled on your phone to receive this push notification service. If you have disabled the notifications, please go to your history tab and click on the "Buy Medication" button.

You have the option to select and de-select the prescribed medications that you would like to purchase before making payment.

Can the doctors on Doctor Anywhere prescribe medication?

Our doctors can prescribe a wide range of medications, which can be used to treat conditions such as infections, allergies, skin conditions, minor injuries or travel related ailments. We also offer medication delivery to your doorstep, within three hours from your purchase.

However, please note that our doctors do not prescribe any narcotics. If you have queries on medications, please ask the doctor for more information about the types of medication suitable for your condition during the consultation.

Can doctors on Doctor Anywhere issue medical certificates?

Yes, our doctors can issue medical certificates for conditions that are medically necessary. After the video consultation, an electronic medical certificate will be available in-app, if the doctor has issued one for you.

Can I obtain referral letters from doctors on Doctor Anywhere?

Yes, our doctors can issue referral letters (e.g. specialists, laboratory testing) in medically appropriate situations. After the video consultation, all referral letters will be available in-app, if the doctor has issued them.

How much does the video consultation service cost?

A video consultation on Doctor Anywhere costs:
PHP550 for General Practitioner consultation

How do I pay for the video consultation service?

Our platform accepts online payment via all major credit cards, including VISA and Mastercard.

Can the video consultation service be claimed under my insurance plan?

Major insurance companies may provide insurance plans that cover medical consultations through video consultation. Please check with your insurance provider if your plan covers this.

Is the video consultation recorded?

The video consultation will not be recorded by either the administrator, the patient, the doctor or any other party. Any violation of this constitutes a breach of privacy and confidentiality laws between the doctor and the patient and the offender may be subjected to prosecution. Therefore, we seek your understanding that you are also not allowed to record the consultation in part or in whole.

Can I choose a healthcare provider?

Yes, simply click on "search for a GP" and scroll through the list to select a provider. There is also a search bar available if you have the doctor's name or clinic name.

You may also choose a provider that you have previously seek consultation with on Doctor Anywhere if he/she is saved on your "Favourite Providers" list. You can add a provider onto your favourite list by clicking the heart icon next to the appropriate doctor's profile.

Who are the healthcare providers on Doctor Anywhere?

All medical doctors on our Doctor Anywhere platform are fully registered with the Professional Regulation Commission in the Philippines. They also undergo a stringent screening and vetting process before they are accepted to join Doctor Anywhere.

Medication Delivery

Are there any fees or surcharges for medication delivery?

Medication delivery is free of charge within Metro Manila. However, kindly note that there will be redelivery surcharges if you miss the initial delivery.

What are the delivery hours for my medication?

We offer FREE delivery within Metro Manila for purchased medications seven days a week, inclusive of weekends.
From 6-20 August 2021 Temporary changes to medication delivery timings during the hard lockdown: Medication delivery will be between 11am to 1pm. Medication ordered between 8am to 10am will be delivered within the same day. Any orders after 10am will be scheduled for the next day.

How will the medications be delivered?

After confirming your medications, your medications will be delivered to your preferred address.

If you have opted for our delivery service, please ensure that your given address is correct. After that, choose your preferred 2-hour time slot before confirming your purchase. On the final page, there will be a verification code which you would need to show the courier when he arrives.

Please ensure that you are at the given address and have the verification code ready when the courier arrives.

For prescribed medication purchases, the Courier will have to hand over the medication to the person with the authenticated verification code. In the event that there is:
(1) failed authentication
(2) no one is available to collect the medications after a 10-minute waiting time, the prescribed medication will be sent back to the pharmacy of its origin. A re-delivery can be arranged at an additional cost, depending on your location.

What happens if I missed the medication delivery?

In the event that there is:
(1) failed authentication
(2) no one is available to collect the medications after a 10-minute waiting time, the prescribed medication will be sent back to the pharmacy of its origin. A re-delivery can be arranged at an additional cost, depending on your location.

We will keep your medications for a period of 30 days. If there is no request for re-delivery or collection of the medication within 30 days of the initial delivery date, the medications will be discarded.

We are unable to provide a refund for uncollected medications. Please call our Customer Support team at to arrange for medication redelivery or collection of your medication.

What happens if I am not there physically to collect the medications?

After you have confirmed your purchase, there will be a verification code which you will need to show the courier when he arrives. The courier will call or SMS you on the day that he delivers your product; please pick up the call or reply to his message.

Please ensure that you are at home and have the verification code ready when the courier arrives. For prescribed medication purchases, the Courier will have to hand over the medication to the person with the authenticated verification code. In the event that there is:
(1) failed authentication
(2) no one is available to collect the medications after a 10-minute waiting time, the prescribed medication will be sent back to the pharmacy of its origin. A re-delivery can be arranged at an additional cost, depending on your location.

For purchases that are not prescribed medications, the package may be left at the designated address if there is no one is able to collect it.

What happens if I need to change my medication delivery address after I have confirmed my purchase?

Please call our Customer Support team at as soon as possible if you need to change your delivery address. We will assist you with the update of address.

Can my electronic prescriptions be used to purchase medications from the retail pharmacies?

Doctor Anywhere’s medication electronic prescription is only available for purchase of medications through the Doctor Anywhere platform. It is not valid for purchases at retail pharmacies.

Can I self-collect my medication?

As of now, we are only able to deliver your medication to your registered address.


How do I create an account?

Before you create an account, you must first download the Doctor Anywhere app through the Google Play or App store. Next, click on the app and choose to either login through your Facebook account, Google account, or by entering your details manually. Creating an account is free - you will only be charged when you consult a healthcare provider or make a purchase on our app.

How do I update my details on the app?

To update your details, enter the app and click on the "profile" tab at the bottom panel of the screen. Next, click on the "my info" tab and select the item that you would like to update. Once you have updated it, click on the "save" button and your details will be updated.

How can I access my medical documents on the app?

To access your medical history and documents, click on the “history” tab and you will be directed to a page containing all your past medical records on the platform. You can filter it by document type, consultations and purchases.

To view your documents, click on the selected medical record to see more details, and scroll down to find your document. Click on “view” to view the document in-app and click on “email” to email the document to your registered email.