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Get treatment for hormone-related illnesses by a licensed endocrinologist.


Hormones Have a Huge Influence

A lot of common diseases that can affect the quality of your life are related to the body's hormone-producing glands. If you need an early diagnosis or chronic disease management, there is a high chance you would seek out an endocrinologist. Luckily, the Doctor Anywhere app makes it easy to book a consultation with licensed endocrinologists anytime, anywhere.


Convenient and affordable access to an endocrinologist

See an experienced endocrinologist online trained in treating issues with the body’s hormones, hormonal glands, and related tissues.


Easy access to e-medical documents

Prescriptions, referrals, and medical certificates are securely stored in app


Available video consults anywhere

Book online video consultations wherever you are at your most convenient time without needing to travel

How To Book

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Use DA app to begin video consultation

Download Doctor Anywhere app, and create an account.


Select Your Expert

Go to “Virtual Consultation”, and select “Specialist”


Choose "Endocrinology" and set your booking. At the time of the appointment, use the DA app and join the call.

Arrange Appointment

Licensed and Board-Certified Endocrinologists

Seek professional guidance from a team of certified endocrinologists with a wide range of clinical experience in issues including:

  • Diabetes

  • Thyroid Dysfunction

  • Metabolic Disorders

  • Adrenal Disorders

  • Growth Abnormalities

  • Cholesterol Disorders

Each session will last approximately 15 minutes, with medication prescription if necessary. 

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 Get inspired by DA members

Actually, I didn't wait for a long time and that is
the greatest thing I've ever experienced!

-Athena, DA member

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Meet Our Qualified Team of Endocrinologists

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Mark David Francisco

Dr. Francisco has 7 years of medical experience, with 2 years in endocrinology. He is a fellow of the Philippine College of Physicians, and a diplomate of the Philippine Society of Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism.


Book an appointment to see an endocrinologist online


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