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Qualified Panel of Mental Wellness Experts

Dr Charibel Matalang.png

Charibel Matalang

As a trained mental health professional, I focus on the strengths and potential of my clients. I believe that everyone is strongly unique and capable and allow my clients to use our sessions to explore and develop their own insights about the events in their lives. My goal is to help them understand themselves better so that they can become the most improved versions of themselves.


Area of Specialties:

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Relationship Counselling, Career Counselling, Individual and Group Counselling, Psychological Consultation, Psychological Assessment

Dr Ma. Amelia Corado.png

Ma. Amelia Corado

I am passionate about change work by being supportive, present, and accepting of my client’s experience. I desire to achieve the changes my clients want to make, anchored on their values. My clients find it a relief that they can be vulnerable and comfortable in my presence. In our sessions, I help my clients better connect with their daily realities so that they can make the changes to lead a fulfilling life. They are grateful to discover more about themselves and lives, to find the strength to persevere on.

Area of Specialties:

Depression, Anxiety, Self-Esteem Issues, Existential Concerns, Adjusting to Change/Life Transitions, Personal Growth


Maria Angela Leabres Diopol

As a counselling psychologist, I prefer to use a person-centered approach. The client's feelings are the main focus, and by emphasizing on the individual and their potential, the problem only comes secondary. Additionally, they are free to set goals and explore their problems. I believe that most of the time, as their counselor, I am easy for my clients to relate to and that we have a good working relationship. From their own perspective, they feel understood and validated.

Area of Specialties:
Depression, Stress and Anxiety, Psychological Trauma, Relationship Counselling, Career Counselling, Trauma and Grieving

Dr Rhea Zervoulakos.png

Rhea Zervoulakos

As a psychotherapist, I am relatable, engaging and flexible. I can easily establish rapport with my clients, so that they do not get intimidated or nervous. By adapting the session to their personality, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or beliefs, I make clients feel safe and secure when talking to them. I am skilled and trained with any kind of psychotherapy.

Area of Specialties:

Depression, Bipolar Disorders, Anxiety, Trauma, Personality Disorders, Marriage and Family Therapy, Couple Therapy, Behavioural Modification, Adolescent Issues, Child Psychology

Dr Evelyn Eugenio.png

Evelyn Eugenio

I use a variety of approaches in my counselling section, such as Humanistic Therapy, Cognitive and Dialectic Behaviour Therapy. My counselling style is both directive and non-directive. During my session, I hope to help my clients explore the issues that are disturbing them and ultimately, discover their inner strengths and appreciation for their lives.

Area of Specialties:

Anger Management Issues, Stress and Anxiety, Relationship and
Family Counselling, Self-esteem and Resilience, Depression, Motivational Issues, Existential Issues, Psychological Trauma, Grieving, Gambling Addiction

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