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5 Snack Alternatives for Those With a Sweet Tooth

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Indulging in sweet snacks may not always be the best choice for leading a healthy lifestyle. While the occasional treat is alright, this could quickly turn into a habit that’s hard to break. If you find yourself in the same situation, you might be racking your brain for better alternatives that can give you the same satisfaction.

But hey, we’ve got your back! As part of an awareness campaign towards the upcoming World Diabetes Day on November 14th, Doctor Anywhere is here to help you ease out of the habit by suggesting healthy (but equally yummy!) snacks for you to munch on. Any of these are much better than diving straight for a chocolate bar!

1. Fresh fruits

We placed fruits at the top of this list to debunk a couple of misconceptions about them. Fruits are said to contain large amounts of naturally-occurring sugars, and therefore should be avoided—but that’s not the case. Sugars in fruit are not similar to free sugars found in candies and sweet drinks, so it’s not the type of sugar you should cut down on. That’s why fruits are still recommended to be in a diabetic’s meal plan.

If there were fruits to eat in moderation, it would be those that have a high glycemic index score. This includes ripe bananas, dried dates, watermelons, and pineapples.

There are plenty of remaining fruit options you can eat. Apples, oranges, kiwis, berries, avocados, and pears are some vitamin-rich fruits you can guiltlessly snack on when you need a quick yummy treat.

2. Homemade trail mix

Another snack that usually gets a bad rap is trail mix—and there might be some truth as to why. Highly commercialized trail mix packs that you can buy at the grocery store may not be the best choice. The key to eating healthy trail mixes is to have them be homemade.

Trail mix is composed of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. For this to be a healthy alternative, you need to pay attention to these ingredients separately. Make sure you get raw, unsalted, low-fat nuts and seeds. For dried fruits, check if they’re coated in sugar—the aim is for them to be sun-dried and natural. If you want to diversify your mix, you can add dark chocolate, as long as it has 70% or higher cocoa content.

Mix them all together, and you have an instant pick-me-up snack for moments when you need energy to power through your day.

3. Buttered vegetables or Salad

Of course, this list is incomplete without veggies. Buttered veggies are popular side dishes for meals, but they’re great on their own too. You can even pair them with homemade sweet potato fries for something more filling.

If you want something leafier, try a veggie salad with the option to throw in chicken breast strips and a light dressing. When picking out the dressing, make sure you put just enough to make your salad enjoyable. Putting too much dressing may do more harm than good, and that’s the opposite of our goal!

4. Veggie chips

Yet another "villain" in the snack world is chips! Before you turn your back on them for good, it’s worth knowing that there are healthy chips made by sustainable brands that do care about your health and daily vegetable consumption. Nowadays, you can get some yummy veggie chips made from okra, malunggay, beans, sweet potato, carrots, and kale that can give you a satisfying snacktime!

5. Overnight oats

Last but not least are overnight oats. Putting overnight oats together is somewhat similar to a trail mix in which you have to be careful about your ingredients. Overnight oats is usually composed of rolled oats, milk, honey, and fruits in a jar.

Rolled oats are a good option for making this snack. A good recommendation for milk would be unsweetened almond milk, and a tablespoon of honey to taste. Fruit toppings in your roster can include berries, apples, or mangoes. Keep them in the refrigerator overnight, and grab your jar the next day when you’re feeling peckish. Craving instantly satisfied!

Think twice before you reach for that sugary snack

Diabetes is largely preventable by making different lifestyle choices. With a change like this, making small steps can already bring you a lot of progress. If you need to speak to any of our doctors for medical advice, you can conveniently do so on the Doctor Anywhere app. We’re here to help make healthy living accessible and doable. Download the DA app today.

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