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Doctor Anywhere Partners With Common Ground For Employee Wellness

Doctor Anywhere Partners With Common Ground For Employee Wellness

Doctor Anywhere, a leading telehealth provider operating in the Philippines and across Southeast Asia, has announced a partnership with Common Ground, a coworking space catering to remote workers, freelancers, startups, small teams, and medium-sized companies. This collaboration aims to promote employee wellness by offering free health risk assessments to individuals working at Common Ground locations in Ortigas and Makati.

Doctor Anywhere's contribution to this partnership involves providing free health risk assessments. These assessments have been designed to help participants identify their risk factors for prevalent health concerns such as diabetes and hypertension. By answering a set of questions online, individuals receive a personalized report revealing their risk scores, enabling a better understanding of their health and lifestyle choices.

A unique aspect of this initiative is the seamless integration of telehealth services. Those who participated in the health risk assessment can easily share their personalized report during an online video consultation through the Doctor Anywhere app. This feature allows participants to connect with healthcare professionals who can offer guidance and support based on their risk assessment results.

"We’re glad that we’ve partnered with Common Ground to promote employee wellness," said Jerome Sebastian, General Manager of Doctor Anywhere. "With easy access to healthcare services and valuable health risk assessments, employees in shared workspaces can take charge of their well-being and enjoy a healthier work-life balance.”

If you want to elevate your employees' health and well-being with our 24/7 medical benefits, secure and user-friendly app, exclusive perks, and doorstep medicine delivery, visit and request a callback!

About Doctor Anywhere

Doctor Anywhere, a leading telehealth company in Southeast Asia, provides 24/7 online video consultations with general practitioners and primary care doctors on-demand or by appointment, as well as appointments with specialists, including dermatologists, OB-GYNs, pediatricians, and more, and also offers appointments with mental health experts. The company has a team of over 3,500 health professionals in Southeast Asia, and it has served over 2.5 million patients across 6 Southeast Asian countries. For more information, visit

About Common Ground

Common Ground is the first company to deliver services at the nexus of office management, work productivity, and technology. Their goal is to empower workers and the business community to transform their work culture through beautifully designed spaces, meaningful people engagement, and the adoption of digital technology. Their locations in the Philippines are in IBP Tower Ortigas, and 8 Rockwell Makati. For more information, visit

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